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Aladdin Model 11 lamps

sold in US September 1922 through May 1928
sold in UK 1922 through 1928
sold in Australia 1923 through 1930

The Aladdin model 11 lamp is virtually identical to the late model 9 and model 10 lamps. The burner assembly is the same except for the labeling on both the wick raiser knob and flame spreader. There are three versions of the flame spreader labeling. Like the model 10, the model 11 appears to be purely a name only update for sales purposes. See Model 9 for burner and font pictures.

Model 11 Sydney knob

Aladdin model 11 London wick adjustor



Table - Finish: Nickel plated.
Font - (Wall mount & hanging,) - Finish: nickel plated
Transition (very early lamps) - none identified


Bug screen: Early style bug screen
wick cleaner: skirted type with straight bottom. Labeled "WICK CLEANER"
Shade ring: Under burner shade ring. nickel finish
Shades: table - 501-11, 550 painted shade. Hanging - 516 (both white painted clear glass and opal white glass)
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo



Flame Spreader (generator):

There were three versions of flame spreader. The name was changed from generator to flame spreader in 1928 between model 11 and model 12 production. Generators were supplied on the model 11s during production.  Flame lame spreaders are replacement parts available to keep model 7 through 11 lamps functional after 1928. New replacement flame spreaders were sold in a cardboard tube.

    Aladdin model 11 generators
Left to right:  UK model 11 generator, US model 11 generator, US model 11 flame spreader

NOS model 11 Flame Speader with tube

Aladdin model 11 generators side view
Left to right: UK model 11generator, US model 11 generator

1923 Aladdin lamp  postcard
Click  on image to see a larger PDF version. Both sides

This is a 1923 advertising postcard that offers both a 10 night free trial on a new lamp and an oppertunity to become a door to door Aladdin lamp salesman.  Door to door salsemen demonstrating lamps accounted for a very high percentage of Aladden lamp sales.

Intersting things about this postcard is that the illustration shows a model 4 or earlier lamp gallery and that they are still using the blur ribbon won for the best kerosene lamp in the 1915 worlds fair in San Francisco.


See model 9 for burner and font pictures.



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